Zayed The Pride of UAE illustrates the life and achievements of Shaikh Zayed and his leading role in the progress of the UAE. Image Credit: Supplied photo

Abu Dhabi: Rare photographs, fond recollections and testimonies about the great leadership of the UAE's late president, Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, are being revealed in the film Zayed …The Pride of UAE, which is now available at Virgin Megastores in the UAE and the region.

"The film came about through wonderful group effort and collaboration… When it was first screened, we were overwhelmed by the positive response we received. That encouraged us to explore other avenues to distribute the film and continue to raise awareness about Shaikh Zayed's achievements, which eventually led us to Virgin Megastores," Mazen Al Khairat, the film's producer, said.

Distributed by Anasy Media Production Company, the film, which includes verses written by poet Nasser Bin Dhiab, illustrates the life and achievements of Shaikh Zayed, both as the leader of the UAE and as an international humanitarian.

Made for television

"The film is actually made for television and was screened two years ago by all the television stations in the country on the anniversary of the great leader's death. We were also able to distribute it to various television stations in the region," Al Khairat said.

Shot at various locations around the UAE, the film also includes reflections by those who accompanied Shaikh Zayed and knew him well, and observed his approach to uniting and shaping the country into the prosperous land it is today. Among those who provided their views include Shaikh Mubarak Bin Qaran Al Mane' Al Mansouri, Shaikh Zayed's former escort, and Dr Hamad Ali, who was his media and travel companion, and accompanied Shaikh Zayed to various state functions, events and trips. Also included are testimonies by Ahmad Shabib Al Zaheri, First Deputy Chairman of the Federal National Council, who had first-hand experience of Shaikh Zayed uniting all seven emirates, and of his successful rule thereafter.

"We were very happy that we were able to get these testimonies, especially that of Dr Zaki Nusseibeh, who, in addition to being a personal translator, for Shaikh Zayed, was also able to provide us with interesting insights about him," Al Khairat said.

The producer also said they had begun working on various other projects highlighting other leaders and dignitaries and people of repute in the UAE.

"We plan to continue highlighting the achievements of the UAE by chronicling other important leaders and dignitaries. We are currently working on a documentary but more details will be revealed later," he said.