Exhibition by homegrown talent Chan Seth:

Emerging artist Chan Seth is presenting his first solo show in the region, Scripts at Covering Concepts in Dubai Design District until December 26. The young artist grew up in Dubai and attributes his interest in the commonalities between people and a shared human experience to the city’s multicultural ethos. His spiritual paintings are based on the concept of prana, the cosmic life force that connects the entire universe. He finds inspiration in traditional textiles and ceremonies that depict prana, such as the energy fields in Javanese Batik, sonic vibrations in Peruvian Shipibo patterns and the representation of the cosmos in Tibetan Mandalas. In his latest series, Scripts Seth has taken inspiration from music and the Arabic and Sanskrit scripts to create colourful acrylic paintings that visualise the energy within and around us as sonic vibration, inviting viewers to contemplate higher realms of consciousness.

Abstract Art Exhibition:

Cartoon Art Gallery is hosting the second edition of Interpretations an exhibition of abstract art until December 26. The show sets up a cultural dialogue between well-known Italian artists Piero de Martin, Adriano Velussi and Lillo Dellutri and UAE based artists Imraan Mansoor, Anjani Laitu, Amrita Bhatia, Bilal Siddiqui, Shabnam Habib, Rooma Eejaz, Rafah Abdulrazzak and Mrinmay Sebastian.

Every Line Makes a Cut:

British artist Amba Sayal-Bennett’s solo show at Carbon 12 gallery, Every Line Makes a Cut presents a new body of sculptural works created from materials such as steel, foam, tape, plastic, fabric, wood and MDF. The show, running until January 5, 2020 explores methods of researching and looking at the relationship between the artist, her works, and the materials and material processes she uses.