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Nesreen Tafesh and Sherif Sharkawy Image Credit: Supplied

Syrian actress-singer Nesreen Tafesh has revealed she’s officially a married woman, after getting hitched to an Egyptian dentist.

The actress announced she’s married to Sherif Sharkawy, whi is also a spiritual energy healer, when not spending time as a dentist. Sharkway also owns a yoga studio called The Healing Studio, which is located in Zamalek, an affluent district of western Cairo encompassing the northern portion of Gezira Island.

The 40-year-old actress announced her marriage officially on Instagram late Saturday, with a caption that read: “What God has joined together. May God bless this unity and protect this eternal love forever and ever.”

Tafesh shared a picture pof her left hand, showing off her wedding ring, as she placed her palm over her new husband’s hand.

Later on, she posted another photo of the two of them together, along with their pet cat, thanking everyone who wished the couple on their new journey. “We’re blessed,” the actress wrote.

Before meeting Sharkawy, Tafesh was in another relationship, announcing in 2020 that she was in love and was preparing to get married in early 2021 but she did not disclose details about her fiance at the time. However, Tafesh later called off her engagement, noting that the relationship ended because there was no spiritual and intellectual chemistry as she had imagined.

Born in Aleppo, with a home now in Dubai, Tafesh started her acting career in the Arab series ‘Holako’, directed by Basil Al Khatib. She then went on to work in several televison shows before jumping into films, with ‘Nady El Regal El Sery’ being one of her most notable releases.