Popular Lebanese singer Ellisa. Image Credit: Abdul Rahman/Gulf News

Celebrities in Lebanon have shared photos and videos of their homes destroyed after the deadly Beirut explosions, and expressed sadness and anger over the tragedy.

The powerful warehouse explosion on August 4 shook the capital, killing 100 people and injuring nearly 4,000 in a toll that officials expected to rise.

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Popular singer Elissa posted images of her high-rise apartment covered in broken glass and debris after the blast. “I can’t contain my anger at what happened,” said famous Lebanese singer in a Tweet. “This country deserves better than this. Marwan Hamada was right. This regime is a jinx,” she added, referring to a member of parliament who said he would step down in protest against the ruling system in Lebanon. “Those ruling us are a jinx. Those responsible for what happened today due to their neglect are jinx through and through. Go home and to the trash bin of history!.”

Singer and actress Haifa Wehbe tweeted a collage of images from the tragedy and said her house help was injured and in hospital.

Lebanese TV celebrity Tony Khalifeh vented out similar anger at officials in the country.

“I woke up a while ago, thinking that what happened yesterday was a horrifying nightmare,” he wrote on his Twitter. “The catastrophe was that I found out that all what happened was a horrifying truth. More horrifying still, the officials ruling us have transpired to be real, not heroes of a Mafia horror film,” he added.

Khalifeh said in an earlier tweet that despite “this catastrophe and scandal of neglect” no state official has resigned. “What more should happen to Lebanon so that those sick with power would give up their seats?” he asked.

Singer Maya Diab tweeted her anger over the explosion, saying in Arabic: “There is someone who lives underground in control of the country, until he had put all of us underground. A state of talking dogs and animals... I doubt I can call it a state. Our tears are not enough anymore, we want you all bodies, only corpses.”

Maya Diab

Actress and beauty queen Nadine Njeim was reportedly injured in the blast and was operated on for six hours. She also posted an Instagram video of her apartment showing windows shattered, furniture damaged and what seems like blood on part of the wall.

“Thank God, he gave me a new life. The explosion was close, and the scene is not like any story told. Thank you, Lord, you protected me. Thank God, my children are fine and safe. They were not at home. Thank God every moment. Oh Lord, have mercy on the dead and heal the injured,” she wrote alongside the video.

In his tweet about the tragedy, singer and TV personality Ragheb Alama thanked people for their concern and assured them that was OK.

Eid Ragheb Alama-1558961798661
Ragheb Alama

“Good morning. Good morning Beirut. Thank you to everyone who asked about us. Thank God, we are alright. However, the physical damage is grave, but as the saying goes, ‘The damage was to the property not to owner of the home.’ May got heal us and protect us,” he wrote.

Singer Assi El Hallani posted a video of the blast and tweeted about how he had never seen anything like this incident before. “In all the meaning of the word, what happened and what we saw with our own eyes, felt just like a hurricane, I have never seen such a scene throughout the war years... Oh God, you have been with us throughout this disaster ... and everything that happened today was because of recklessness and irresponsibility. May God have mercy on the martyrs. And a speedy recovery to all the injured,” he tweeted.

Assi El Hallani Image Credit: Abdul Rahman/Gulf News

The explosion at the Port of Beirut was reportedly triggered by 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate allegedly stored for years inside a warehouse at the major harbour.

Lebanon has been rocked since October by mass street protests against the ruling class and rampant corruption.