No kisses in this one. Emraan Hashmi is a changed man in Awarapan.

After doing so many films on the theme of adultery and crime, Emraan Hashmi realised that if his career had to take a leap, he had to do something different. That leap requires thrust and he has it in the form of relatives.

His mentors are his uncle and veteran producer Mahesh Bhatt and his cousin and a talented director. Mohit Suri. They have put together a unique project to showcase Hashmi in a different light through Awarapan. e+ caught up with the actor in Mumbai.

Excerpts from an interview ...

e+ How different is this character from those in your earlier films?
Emraan Hashmi: Thankfully, I am not snatching other men's wives or chasing skirts in Awarapan. My character, an atheist, helps a Pakistani Muslim, who is a victim of illegal immigration. It is a very intense love story with equally intense performances. The film has shaped up very well with a great story underlining it.

Are you an atheist like your character in the film?
No, I am not an atheist. I believe in Allah.

Why have you have gone for a different look (long hair) for Awarapan?
I felt the entire film signifies a repackaging of an Emraan Hashmi starrer. The characters and the look of the film had to signify a new and different feel. I play the role of a guy from Hong Kong working for a gangster. He requires a slightly scruffy yet slick look and the gelled long hair and stubble seemed good. The black leather jackets I wear in the film add to the feel of the character.

After Zeher and Kalyug, how does it feel to be directed once again by your cousin Suri?
We share a great rapport as first and foremost, we are brothers. He understands me very well and through the last couple of films, this understanding has only gotten better.

We may be family and the best of friends, but on the sets we share a true professional relationship. He knows how to extract the best from me and hopefully our third film together should reflect this dual effort.

How do you rate your co-star Shreya Saran, who seems to be a big star in south India?
Shreya is definitely a big star down south, but above all she is a very nice co-artiste and a good human being.

Your film once again has a great soundtrack. Which of the songs in Awarapan is your pick?
It has to be Toh Phir Aao as this single song defines the film and my character. It is the signature track of the film. In fact, Mahesh Bhatt had asked me to listen to this song before we decided to do Awarapan.

Finally, Awarapan is your first major overseas release, how do you feel?
I am very excited that Awarapan is being released in a major way overseas and share the excitement with the Bhatts and Mohit. I am sure the movie will take audiences abroad by storm.