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It's all about hydration and leaving out unnecessary base makeup this summer. Image Credit: Unsplash/Ayo Ogunseinde

Layered routine out, naturally minimal look in. When summer rolls around, no one is comfortable with caking on make-up products. This year, we’re more interested in combining the best of both worlds (hint: tinted moisturisers!) to achieve the most hydrated looks, to complement the rising temperatures.

Make-up enthusiasts and professionals alike are moving towards a ‘less is more’ trend the world over, this season. We want to be sun-kissed and properly freckled, but with a pop of neon eyelids and glossy lips. Amazon’s Beauty Week is all you need to achieve the ultimate summer face – we spoke to expert make-up artists and handpicked everything, from primers to blushes, some of which are up to 40 per cent off until June 26.

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Summer make-up tips and tricks

Sarah Sequeira, a Dubai-based freelance makeup artist with 10 years of experience, explains you should want to retain a no-make-up make-up look in the hotter months. “Summer make-up trends use products that are lighter in consistency and formulations and have a dewy finish. Instead of foundation, opt for tinted moisturisers with SPF (Sun Protection Factor) and high coverage concealers to lightly go over blemishes. My personal clients always want their skin to look like skin for that natural flushed glow,” she added.

With humidity levels gradually increasing, skincare should be your number one priority. This advice comes from Hoda Karim, a glam and editorial makeup artist of eight years in Dubai: “I would say definitely wear SPF and go light with a gel or lotion moisturiser instead of cream – use more skin-based make-up products”.

Karim adds that applying a pop of colour and having fun with daring choices are all what a true summer look is about. Here are some of the must-try trends for a balmy day or night.

1. Dewy base

A hydrated face depends on how well you prep your skin before applying make-up, not after. It all boils down to lightweight primers that bring out the glow from within, whether you’re under natural lighting or the city lights.

Sequeira’s number one product for achieving a dewy look is the Glow Recipe’s Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Dew Drops.

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Dew Drops

Infused with niacinamide for hyperpigmentation and hyaluronic acid for hydration, this cruelty free gel serum sits light on your face before you pick up your foundation brush. Its highlighting properties brighten the skin over time but also the minute you work it in.

Another slightly more affordable option is MAC’s Strobe Cream that Karim suggests for a basic summer glow.

MAC Strobe Cream Pinklite

The Strobe Cream works like a pearly moisturiser and highlighter in one, to liven up dull skin. It uses plant-based ingredients, vitamins and green tea to hydrate and create a natural glow. Typically, Karim precedes the Strobe Cream with the CeraVe Facial Moisturising Lotion SPF 30, which she says is gentle on all skin types.

2. Neon graphic eyes

Dramatic eye make-up no longer turns heads, thanks to TV shows like HBO’s Euphoria. So this summer, we’re still obsessed with bright neon shades on and around our eyes.

For a pop of much-needed colour, Sequeira recommends the SUVA Beauty’s Hydra FX Palette, which has five ultraviolet glow shades, from a sunny yellow to bubble gum pink, along with a brush.

SUVA Beauty Hydra FX Palettes (Taffies)

“The neon colours activate with water. You could use the fine liner brush to flip the outer corners of the eye or in the inner corner to define the tear ducts. You can also draw over your black liner to get a neon element or line your natural crease,” said Sequeira.

The SUVA kit is smudge-proof and doesn’t transfer. If you’re thinking five colours are too few, the palette can be mixed together to create new shades.

For a budget-friendly option, pick up an eyeshadow kit with bright summer colours. Karim says the trick is to douse your fine eyeliner brush in setting spray then dip it in the palette and apply like you would an eyeliner.

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Ultimate Edit Petite Shadow Palette, Brights 02

Our pick is the NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Edit in petite, which brings you six fun shades from green to light orange. Its creamy pigments can double up as stunning graphic eyeliners after a few layers.

3. Natural flush

You don’t have to run a mile under the sun to get a natural flush – the secret lies in peach and pink blushes. The idea is, says Sequeira, that you want to look like you’ve been a little sun-kissed after wandering about during the day.

She finds the Rare Beauty’s Soft Pinch Liquid Blush to work like a charm, especially because it stays on all day and is more comfortable to have on than a thick cream blush.

Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Dewy Liquid Blush, Joy

Rare Beauty's dewy blush delivers a long-lasting healthy flush without looking overdone. Even though it has a liquid consistency, the blush does not smudge the makeup layers underneath. The placement of the blush is just as important as the product – Karim suggests to go over the nose bridge, the tip and then below the eyes on the apples of your cheek, rather than the cheekbones.

4. Faux freckles

Freckles dusted along the cheeks and nose are so flattering that we’re drawing them on. Karim says it’s been trendy since last summer, and faux freckles are still going strong this year within the beauty community. The hardest part is to get the application right or else it breaks the summer illusion.

Both make-up artists agree on eyebrow pencils by Benefit that have finer tips. Sequeira advises picking a shade lighter than what you would use for your brows, while Karim says different shades can also add dimension.

BENEFIT Precisely My Brow Pencil, Neutral Medium Brown, 0.08 gm

Precisely, My Brow Pencil by Benefit in medium brown lasts for 12 hours on the skin. Freehand your freckles under the eye, over the nose and blend with fingers for the in-the-skin effect, says Sequeira: “You’re not doing a very precise pattern – spread the freckles out with your fingers from the dots for that splattered effect.”

If you think a more straightforward product would work better for you, then you have the option of Lime Crime Freckle Pen.

Lime Crime Freckle Pen (Cocoa)

Karim suggests the shade Cocoa for a natural freckled look. Dab the corner of the eyes, forehead, nose and even lips, besides the cheek, with the pen’s felt tip for instant application. Don’t forget to follow up with a setting powder to help them stay put, she adds.

5. The 70's glam look

Say you’re dressing for a night out. Which look is going to keep the sun burning? According to Karim, trends are leaning towards a retro or 70's makeup glam, dominated by smoky eyes and smudged blue eyeshadow.

"I would go lighter blue on the eyelid, then create a dark blue shade on the crease and underneath the eye. Apply a blue eyeliner inside the eye and coat your lashes two to three times in mascara," she advised. A standalone blue-only palette is a hard find, but luckily for us Karim vouched for ColourPop's On Cloud Blue eyeshadow kit, available on Amazon.

ColourPop ON CLOUD BLUE Eyeshadow Palette (Blues Navy Denim White Pastels), 0.3 Ounce

Nine shades of blue, from icy pastels to clear summer skies, this palette keeps you visibly cool. With superb blendable consistencies, each colour has its own finish, from glitter to matte. 

You could also shop for any palette with blue gradients. We picked NYX's Swear By It Shadow Palette for its cool and warm tones in one so that you can save more.

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Swear By It Shadow Palette, 01

You will find 40 shades of bright and dark colours in this palette, each delivering a different finish - matte, satin and metallic. Blues with their complementary shades are in the bottom-right corner, but if you want to completely switch it up during the day, the mustard yellows and oranges nearby will do the job.

6. Glossy lips

Translucent, shiny lips are all the rage, especially when too much is going on with the eyes or the rest of the face. This trend goes hand-in-hand with dewy skin, where we cannot hydrate enough. Your regular lip gloss will not cut it, though.

“Lip oils have become really popular because they look and feel hydrating. Even in the summer, lips get dehydrated quickly, so this is a great option,” said Sequeira.

Clarins Lip Comfort Oil, Candy Pink

Made from three vegetable oils, organic sweetbriar rose oil, organic jojoba oil and hazelnut oil, the Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil does not have a sticky application. Instead, it rewards with a mirror-like shine, adding nourishment and hydration to your lips all day. Do note that it has a bit of a pink tint to go with it.

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