From last-minute Christmas trees to candles and rugs, find new ways to refresh your home decor for the holiday season, via our list. Image Credit: Shutterstock

If you, like many others, have been procrastinating getting decorations up for the holiday season, it’s time to pause and let an undisputable fact sink in: there’s less than a week left for Christmas! Don’t panic, because we’ve got you covered. From Christmas trees to string lights to various fragrant add-ons, we have several festive options for you from noon, as you spruce up your house before guests arrive. Take a look, add to cart, and get your items delivered to you before time runs out!

1. Best Christmas Tree (Large): Sincher Artificial Christmas Tree, Spruce, 6 Feet (Accessories Included)

Sincher Artificial Christmas Tree
Sincher Artificial Christmas Tree Image Credit: noon

AED 129.95 | BUY ON | noon

Are you looking for a last-minute, no-fuss Christmas tree? Look no further than this large, faux spruce tree by Sincher. With dense branches, and realistic needles made of high-quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC), it creates an impressive sight when you set it up. Installation is easy, and you can easily disassemble it and store it for use again, next year. Since the tree comes with a metal stand, it’s very stable, and both durable and long-lasting. This tree comes with free decorative accessories – pinecones, red beans, a pentagram for the top, decorative gift boxes and Christmas cards.

2. Best Christmas Tree (Small): QiaoKai Christmas Pine Tree (Ornaments Included)

QiaoKai Christmas Pine Tree
QiaoKai Christmas Pine Tree Image Credit: noon

AED 25 | BUY ON | noon

If you’re looking for a smaller tree for your workspace, or another room in your home, check out this small, 20 by 18cm faux pine tree. It adds a rustic charm to your Christmas décor, and comes with multicoloured ornaments so that you can set it up right away, without any additional purchases.

3. Best Lighting: Aclix 80 LED Decoration String Lights, Gold

Aclix LED Decoration String Light
Aclix LED Decoration String Light Image Credit: noon

AED 37.50 | BUY ON | noon

Every festive occasion needs string lights to transform the atmosphere from ordinary to enchanting. String lights through your Christmas tree, or around your balcony railing or front porch – the options are endless, thanks to this 10m-long LED string light. In a warm, inviting gold, the lights are even suitable for the outdoors since they are made with durable materials, and are waterproof. They can be used continuously for over 60 hours with no issues. Use the included remote to toggle between eight different modes – like wave, twinkle flash or slo glo – to add a sparkling, magical ambience to your home.

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4. Best for Fragrance: Orchid Potpourri Vanilla and Sandalwood Oil, 10ml

Orchid Potpourri Vanilla and Sandalwood Oil
Orchid Potpourri Vanilla and Sandalwood Oil Image Credit: noon

AED 14 | BUY ON | noon

Before guests arrive, place bowls of potpourri in your living room and other areas of the house, and add this scented oil by Orchid. With a sweet, spicy scent that’s a blend of vanilla and sandalwood, it keeps your home smelling fresh and inviting, without being overpowering.

5. Best Candle: Bath & Body Works, A Thousand Wishes, 3-Wick Candle, Pink

Bath & Body Works A Thousand Wishes 3-Wick Candle
Bath & Body Works A Thousand Wishes 3-Wick Candle Image Credit: noon

AED 50 | BUY ON | noon

Another way to provide a refreshing, delicate fragrance around the house is by lighting Bath & Body Works’ three-wick candle. Made using scented oils and an exclusive blend of soy-based wax and wicks that won’t burn out, this particular candle combines crystal peonies with almond crème. The candle melts consistently and evenly – leave it on throughout the evening, so that the delightful scent lingers in the air, as you socialise with guests.

6. Best Rug: EEToys Modern Shaggy Rug

EEToys Modern Shaggy Rug
EEToys Modern Shaggy Rug Image Credit: noon

AED 67 | BUY ON | noon

Place your tree on a warm, shaggy rug, or just add it to your room’s interiors, so children have a cosy place to play and unwrap their gifts, this Christmas. Made with 100 per cent polyester, the rug features an anti-slip bottom, and is extremely fluffy, measuring about 3.5cm thick. It’s perfect for winter, and you can select the perfect style or design to suit any room or corridor in your home. This particular rug measures 120 by 160cm.

7. Best Wall Sticker: Flower Vine Bird Cage Wall Sticker

Flower Vine Bird Cage Wall Sticker
Flower Vine Bird Cage Wall Sticker Image Credit: noon

AED 20 | BUY ON | noon

Transform the walls of your children’s rooms with mural art, like this wall sticker, which features a vine full of flowers, and bird cages. Made with non-toxic materials, it’s easy to apply – you can even remove and reposition it without any damage to the walls or residue left behind. It’s a great way to refresh a room without splurging on expensive furniture.

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