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MG fans have been clamoring for a new roadster, so there’s tons of excitement as SAIC Design has revealed the Cyberster concept on social media. Image Credit: SAIC Design

SAIC Design has revealed the Cyberster concept electric sportscar and MG fans who have been demanding a new roadster for years will be pretty excited by what they’re seeing here.

Auto mg
Looking good... The renderings show a stylish roadster with a long hood and circular headlights. Image Credit: SAIC Design

The Chinese-owned brand says the concept was “designed and developed by the UK & Shanghai Design team” and there could well be more to it than just these renderings because their social media post adds the model is a “preview of something very exciting in the making.”

The two-door concept features a long bonnet and short deck, the aerodynamic front fascia packs round headlights and other design details include a rakish windscreen, large turbine-style wheels and the rear has rather distinctive taillights. The illuminated MG badges allude to the fact this is an EV. The Cyberster is said to feature 5G connectivity technology and Level 3 autonomous driving features.

Auto mg
It has an angular rear with rather distinctive taillights... Image Credit: SAIC Design

The company’s last roadster was the TF and that has been out of production since 2011 (it wasn’t exactly a raging success so perhaps it’s a good job this concept bears no resemblance to it…) but without a doubt it’s high time they built another one. Remember, MG has previously said it is tapping into the brand’s long and rich sportscar heritage and is ‘working on’ something. The Facebook post says “stay tuned” and you can be sure we will be…