Jay Leno's Ford GT sounds amazing with a new titanium exhaust!

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Jay Leno's Ford GT sounds amazing with a new titanium exhaust!

Before the new season of Jay Leno's Garage premieres next month, the car-mad American comedian has been busy giving us a look at some of the restoration projects he is working on at his famous garage.

In his latest blog, he starts off by showing us his 1967 Pontiac Firebird powered by an inline-six being restored and a 1920s Kleiber.

However, you need to skip towards the end of the video to catch the real highlight – his black with orange racing stripes 2017 Ford GT.

The mid-engine supercar cost him more than $500,000 and then another $55,000 in extras including exposed carbon fibre 20in wheels but he isn’t quite done yet – his latest upgrade is to improve the car's twin-turbocharged V6's soundtrack and so it’s been fitted with a titanium exhaust system! Developed by Heffner Performance, it weighs less than 3kg and reduces the Ford GT's weight by 13kg.

Listen to Leno giving the GT some revs in the video – and remember to crank up the volume!


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