Dubai: Expo 2020 is celebrating its five-year anniversary since being awarded to Dubai with a novel love letter to the UAE this Valentine’s Day.

Although not exactly five years ago to the day — as Dubai won the bid on November 27, 2013, making it five years, two months and 18 days — the letter reminisces about that special occasion, and kicks off a countdown of one year, eight months and six days until Expo’s grand opening on October 20, 2020.

“It feels like only yesterday that we began this journey together,” reads the letter.

“Can you believe it was more than five years ago?

“Do you remember the celebrations that swept across our nation?” it says of that historic awarding in Paris — incidentally the city of love.

“As that day draws closer, the clock ticks ever louder. And when the world arrives, we’ll all be ready to greet them.

“Thank you for walking this road with me, and for your support and love.

“I can’t wait to welcome you, your loved ones, and millions from around the world!

“With love Expo 2020,” it signs off.

Things are well on track for Expo 2020. Route 2020, which will extend the Dubai Metro Red Line by 15km from Nakheel Harbour and Tower Station to the Expo 2020 site is already half-way complete as of December 2018.

New trains for the special route have arrived in Dubai and are undergoing tests, the bridges along the route are complete and the tunnel is ready, while the stations are also taking shape.

The site itself is also taking shape. More than 60 million work hours have already been completed, and recent drone footage released of the pavilions, where some 190 countries will participate, has shown rapid progress.