According to open ticket data, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix charges the most for general admission Image Credit: Corbis

Formula 1 fever has gripped the capital, and with less than 2,500 of the 60,000 tickets remaining, this year's Grand Prix is looking to be a sell-out.

However, according to freely available information on each host nation's Grand Prix websites, the Abu Dhabi race is the most expensive on the calendar, costing Dh995 for a single general admission ticket. It is closely followed by Great Britain, for which a ticket costs Dh973 and Brazil, where general admission is Dh768.

Malaysia offers the cheapest general admission tickets to its Grand Prix at just Dh81, with China and Japan also charging comparatively low prices of Dh208 and Dh301 respectively.

The information reveals that the average price of a general admission ticket to a three-day Grand Prix weekend is Dh501 (US $136).

The Abu Dhabi race also charges the highest ticket prices for grandstand seating, with the cheapest option being Dh2,080 for a three-day pass. This information does not reflect any early-bird discounts.

Monaco charges the second highest grandstand ticket prices at Dh1,770 for the full three-day Grand Prix, with Belgium third-most expensive at Dh1,359.

The cheapest grandstand seats are again found in Malaysia, who charge only Dh286, fractionally cheaper than in Japan, who charge Dh301 for the full three-day event.

During the 2015 season, the average price for the cheapest grandstand seat in Formula 1 has been Dh890 (US $242).

The margin of price difference between general admission and cheapest grandstand seat varies widely from race to race. There is no difference in Japan as both options are the same price, with many general admission race-goers preferring to sit on grass banks.

Abu Dhabi's margin of difference is Dh1,085, while Monaco's margin is the greatest at Dh1,153. This is due in part to viewing quality, as at Monaco spectators can only see small parts of the track and are charged premiums for better view points. Conversley, in Abu Dhabi views of the circuit are considered to be far better thanks to the high grandstands.

Prices converted from local currency to UAE Dirhams using exchange rates dated November 16, 2015. Figures do not include early-bird discounts or special package offers and have been taken from the respective official promoter's websites.