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St Lucia is often referred to as the “Helen of the West” for the island’s immense beauty. Visitors and residents of St Lucia are spoiled for choice with its iconic Piton Mountains, pristine beaches and waterfalls, “drive-in” volcano, and luxury hotel resorts.

St Lucia is a small tropical Commonwealth island gem in the eastern Caribbean Sea. Despite its modest population of 183,000, the island openly embraces new economic citizens to its shores through its Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programme.

Tune in tomorrow March 16th for an in-depth 1-hour webinar on St Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment programme, hosted by RIF Trust. We will be having a conversation with Nestor Alfred, the CEO of the St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Unit, on the recent updates to the programme.

St Lucia is newest CBI programme in the Caribbean starting in 2015 and features some of the highest due diligence, transparency, and efficiency in the world. St Lucia citizens can travel to over 146 countries visa-free, including the UK and EU Schengen Area.

Join us tomorrow, March 16th at 5 pm (Gulf Standard Time) to find out more about the recent updates to the programme including a new temporary COVID-19 Relief Bond investment option and the expansion of the scope of family-members, including siblings, that can be included in an application.

Topics discussed will include:

 Why should a single applicant or family acquire Citizenship by Investment?

 What are the core benefits of the St Lucia Citizenship by Investment programme?

 How popular is St Lucia Citizenship by Investment for UAE residents?

 What are the new and competitive investment options available for Caribbean CBI applicants?

 How do the new changes to regulations impact the way an applicant can include extended family members?

Reserve your spot for our exclusive webinar now to give you and your family the best opportunity to learn about how the St Lucia Citizenship by Investment programme can change your life.

To arrange a private consultation with an advisor on the St Lucia’s CBI programme, please email, call +971 (0) 4 520 6777 or visit