"Can you extend our room reservation for one more night?" I found myself telling the hotel staff barely five minutes after my companion and I were shown our room at The Oberoi, a five-star luxury business hotel in Dubai's Business Bay.

It was so out of the blue that even I surprised myself. But if you were in a stunningly beautiful suite then you would probably ask for the same thing. "The hotel is quite booked right now but I will try my best," was his polite reply before making an exit.

The room

"Wow!" was the only thing my companion could say, looking around the luxurious suite and tapping the rich, timber floor with her foot. She then plopped onto the cream living room sofa, looking out the floor-to-ceiling windows that offered uninterrupted views of the Burj Khalifa and the busy Business Bay area.
The Oberoi Dubai  
I made my way to the huge bedroom and only managed to set my bag on the coffee table before getting drawn into the cozy bed, burying my face into the ultra soft pillows. I had planned to head to the Dubai Mall just after we had checked in, but it was so cozy in there shopping just had to wait.

"You have to see this!" I heard my companion say with a rush of excitement. I begrudgingly got up to see what the ruckus was about and found her already occupying a table out in the huge balcony. "I think I just found a great spot to watch the Burj fireworks in the New Year," she said, grinning.

Just then the phone rang. I hurried to the work desk in the living room to pick up the call. It was from reception, telling me that the room reservation has been extended for one more night. I had to stop myself from doing the moonwalk on the well-polished wooden floor!

What to do

Never quite the early birds, we missed the early morning yoga sessions in the hotel's outdoor deck near the infinity pool, but got a taste of their signature spa treatment. The Oberoi Spa is unlike any I have visited in the UAE before. First of all, whoever thought of that all-in-one treatment room deserves a star. The room has its own bathtub, shower room, toilet, dressing room and steam room, so I can enjoy my personalised treatment from start to finish without having to step out into a common area and see people in various state of undress.

And the massage treatment? Just what the doctor ordered. It begins with a relaxing foot bath using organic scents. Then, it was on to the soft massage bed where my therapist gave me a very relaxing massage using the hotel’s signature oils—my stressed muscles getting much-needed pampering with the therapist's long, gentle and soothing strokes.

Retail therapy was next on my list and was something I could do on a whim since the hotel was just minutes away from the shopping mecca that is the Dubai Mall. The bonus? If I didn't feel like taking the 10-minute drive, I could always get on the hotel's complimentary bus service. Plus, in January and just in time for the Dubai Shopping Festival, the hotel is offering a free pick-up service at the Dubai Mall if ever I needed someone to carry my shopping bags back to my room.
If I was ever on business mode, I could book one of the meeting rooms, which could accommodate various numbers of groups, the smallest is for a group of five. The biggest room was already occupied by a multinational company when I took a peek. There were several laptops on the tables, but not a person in sight. "Where are the people here?" I asked the receptionist in the business centre. "Oh, they're having lunch in one of the restaurants downstairs," she said.
Where to eat
Speaking of food, I really enjoyed Friday brunch at Nine7One, the hotel's all-day dining restaurant. There was a good selection of Arabic, Asian and Western food and the best thing was—not a chaffing dish in sight! The chefs go out of their way to make sure the food is cooked fresh and served right out of the kitchen. Much of what's on there are served tapas-style so you have bite-sized pieces of everything and just enough room to try all the gourmet food.

Nine7One at The Oberoi
The staff here really go the extra mile—whether it is with their attentive service or the inventive menu. I just couldn't leave without trying the molecular cuisine, which was so much fun. I tried the passion meringue laced with liquid nitrogen, which they had nicknamed Dragon's Breath. "Put it in your mouth and chew, chew, chew!" the chef egged me on. I did and smoke started coming out of my nostrils!
Breakfast here is also quite a treat. There’s a decent selection of food you can get at the buffet counters, but to make it personalised, a waiter will approach your table to give you a menu so you can order food tailored to your taste.  Don’t leave without trying the Fountain of Youth, or the day's all-natural health drink, and drop by the natural honey section for a dollop of the nectar of the gods. The ala-carte dinner is also an experience not to miss. I highly recommend the lobster and mango bisque—a heavenly soup savoured with every spoonful and the 48-hour braised Wagyu beef (cooked slowly so that the meat is tender but still packed with so much flavour).
I couldn’t leave without trying the food at their signature Indian restaurant, Ananta. I have tried Indian food before but so far this is the best I have tasted, with personalised service to boot!

Ananta at The Oberoi

As we were seated, I was surprised to be given a menu that had my full name on it! It was so cool I asked for a copy to take home. My personalised menu made sure I was taken on a gastronomic journey through the 28 states of India. The meat-based thali is not to be missed and included what was possibly the best butter chicken I have ever tasted! I ended my dinner with a sinfully delightful gulab jamun with ice cream.

Rooms ①②③④❺
Service ①②③④❺
Value ①②③❹⑤
Cleanliness ①②③④❺
Location ①②③④❺

The Oberoi Dubai is located on Business Bay. Website www.oberoihotels.com. Contact  04 4441444 or email reservations.tobd@oberoihotels.com

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