Dubai: Summer is made for seeking new trails. If you intend to go out of the country for some adventure, fun or quality time with your loved ones, make sure you go easy on your bank account.

With more people wanting to travel during the hot season, airfares from the UAE and hotel costs in most holiday destinations tend to go higher than usual around this time of year.

Travel experts warned that with the rising demand, prices this year are about five per cent more expensive than a year earlier. And the later you book, the more you’re likely to create a hole in your wallet.

For those who haven’t made up their minds yet, travel experts at UAE-based agency, Sharaf Travel Services, have scoured the market for the best value-for-money vacations and recommended a list of holiday packages that are sure to stretch your dirhams a little further.

Premjit Bangara, general manager of Sharaf Travel Services, said these packages are available with all major travel agencies in the UAE. The airfares in these packages are approximately 10 per cent lower than the average market fare available during the busy season, although the prices are on a twin sharing basis.

Here are six budget destinations highly recommended for UAE residents, in no particular order:


Package price: Dh2,900 (average, per person)

Inclusions: Airfare, hotel for three nights

Dubbed as the “crossroads of Europe and Asia,” Turkey has been one of the preferred destinations for UAE residents looking for a short break in the summer. Bangara said package rates for a three-night twin sharing accommodation inclusive of bed, breakfast and transfers start from Dh2,900 per person, although there are still a few properties quoting lesser prices which will soon be filled up.


Package price: Dh2,800

Inclusions: Airfare, hotel for three nights

Basic holiday packages for Thailand-bound travelers can cost as low as Dh2,800 per person and that already covers the hotel accommodation for three nights, on a twin sharing basis. “Thailand also boasts a variety of locales, namely resorts, mountains, as well as being an ideal family shopping favourite,” said Bangara.

Salalah, Oman

Package price: Dh1,900

Inclusions: Airfare, hotel for three nights

For those who prefer to laze around the beach, see some lush greenery or want to take a short break from  Dubai’s soaring temperatures, some people recommend visiting the city of Salalah in Oman. “Salalah also gets a part of the Indian monsoon and the hills are green with rain and mist during the Kharif season from July to October,” said Bangara. Basic packages start from Dh1,900 for a three-night stay on a twin sharing basis.

Sri Lanka

Package price: Dh2,300

Inclusions: Airfare, hotel for three nights

Sri Lanka is another favourite among UAE residents looking for a summer getaway. It has varied topography and is a reasonably good destination for families, according to Bangara. Packages start from Dh2,300 per person for a three-night stay on a twin sharing basis.


Package price: Dh2,100

Inclusions: Airfare, hotel for three nights

Travelers opting to explore the pyramids and visit other famous ancient sights in Egypt,  don’t need to shell out that much money, either. A basic package inclusive of three nights stay in Egypt can cost as low as Dh2,100 for a three-night package on a twin sharing basis.


With day-time temperatures hovering around 26 to 32 degrees Celsius during the months of July and August, Georgia still offers a more pleasant climate in the summer. “Georgia is a new destination which is making headlines, although [it’s]  a little expensive during the peak season,” said Bangara. Rates start from Dh2,800 for a three-night package on a twin sharing basis, still a lot cheaper than  just the airfare to other tourist destinations.