Beirut coast
Off the coast of Beirut Image Credit: GN Archives

UAE long weekend trips for Dh2,500 or less

With the long weekend recently announced, now is the perfect time to book a last-minute getaway! Whether it’s strolling through Dubrovnik’s Old Town World Heritage Site or uncovering the world’s most unique coral gardens in the Maldives, a spontaneous September adventure is just a few clicks away.

*Flight and hotel prices are calculated from November 15 to 18 and are subject to change.

Hikkaduwa – Sri Lanka

Hikkaduwa Beach Image Credit: Wiki Commons

If you love to surf, this is the spot for you. Beautiful breezy weather, sunshine and palm trees are all a staple on this vacation. Great local hospitality, exotic fruits and spicy food, it's one of the world's most exciting destinations to visit. But wait until you see the golden beaches, giant whales, leopards and a marathon of wildlife - it's a country you need to discover on a long weekend.

Round-trip flights start from Dh1,293 per person, and a four-star hotel starts from Dh535 per couple for 3 nights

Beirut - Lebanon

Beirut Skyline
Beirut Skyline Image Credit: Wiki Commons

Just under a four-hour flight away, travelers can experience the ‘Paris of the Middle East’ with a trip to Beirut. With its diverse culture and attractions, not forgetting the delicious Lebanese cuisine, it is the perfect destination for a long weekend adventure.

Round-trip flights start from Dh863 per person with four star hotels at Dh740 per couple for 3 nights

Baku - Azerbaijan

Murov mountain in Azerbaijan12
Azerbaijan mountain Image Credit: Wiki Commons

Home to ancient architecture and natural wonders, the capital city of Azerbaijan, Baku, has so much to offer tourists. Travelers can learn about the local culture and visit the natural bubbling mud volcanoes and eternal flames.

Round-trip flights start from Dh1,790 per person with five star hotels at Dh839 per couple for 3 nights including breakfast

Alexandria - Egypt

Alexandria Egypt
Alexandria Egypt Image Credit: Wiki Commons

Give the tourist-traps of Cairo a miss, and head over to the port city of Alexandria. Bibliophiles can read to their hearts’ content at the famous Library of Alexandria, where a copy of every book published in the world is kept. To soak in some history you could also visit some interesting Roman catacombs, the site of the Pharos (the great lighthouse) and a stunning Roman amphitheater.

Round-trip flights start from Dhs1,276 per person with a four-star hotel from Dhs734 per couple for 3 nights

Amman - Jordan

Amman Image Credit: Wiki Commons

This cosmopolitan and young metropolis offers a halal-friendly and quiet vacation spot; loaded to the brim with cultural gems such as historical ruins, museums, souks and mosques. It also forms a great base for exploring highlights of Jordan, such as Petra and Wadi Rum.

Round-trip flights start from Dh1,156 per person, and a four-star hotel starts from Dh730 per couple for 3 nights