Sunrise yoga at the 54th floor Image Credit: Supplied

Indulge yourself in an opulent wellness journey at Address Sky View. The specially designed all-round wellness journey puts mental as well as physical well-being of the guests at the centre of all experiences during the stay.

Unlock your wellness dreams with a stay at the Wellness Suite at Address Sky View that not only offers breathtaking views of Dubai’s majestic skyline but offers in-room fitness facilities in partnership with Technogym. Guests can transform their room to an engaging wellness experience by choosing several options from smart equipment to multimedia tools that are available on the Wellness Menu in the room. This unique feature offers guests a home away from home experience where guests can enjoy innovative wellness and fitness solutions within the peaceful and comfortable environment of their rooms.

Sunrise yoga while you take in the incredible city-wide views from the 54th floor is a perfect start to your wellness journey at Address Sky View. Stretch it out with a 60-minute yoga session by the infinity pool while you catch the sunrise with stunning views of the Burj Khalifa and Downtown Dubai.

Guests can transform their room to an engaging wellness experience Image Credit: Supplied

To further enhance the wellness experience, guests can mentally reset and relax with the power of sound healing at The Spa. The unique and restorative treatment helps to stimulate the body and mind for the guests to enter a state of deep relaxation.

Plan your wellness staycation at Address Sky View as this is an ideal time to disconnect from your busy routine and unwind in an environment that transports you on a holistic wellness journey – the one that you have been secretly wishing for.

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