People and tech are the best defences against the prevailing cyber threat landscape. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: Best ways to take on cyber threats? Go in for more training of personnel and backed by steady upgrades to technology that can detect and tackle such attacks.

This is according to UAE based top cyber security personnel study brought out by Trellix, as part of the company’s Mind of the CISO initiative.

In terms of impact of tech gaps, 52 per cent cited gaps in security capability as a contributor to a security incident, while 44 per cent said their IT stack was not configured correctly or that detection policies were not enabled. And 40 per cent said that their IT and security tools did not provide adequate visibility to stop an incursion.

It was, however, gaps in awareness of people, technology and processes that contribute to a major cyber incident. In terms of people-readiness, 64 per cent of respondents from the UAE said the incident was missed because of a lack of resources (for example, it may have occurred in off-shift hours).

More than half said their organizations lack the IT skills to deal with the complexity of the incident.

All of which suggests change to the ways of doing things was necessary to prevent repeat occurrences. Sixty per cent of those surveyed said their ‘organization’s experience during the incident had caused it to completely rethink its cybersecurity strategy’.

Almost all respondents agreed that improvements were needed in their processes. And all agreed their organization had to make some improvements in terms of people and technology.