SONY RX10 II Image Credit: Supplied

Superzoom cameras are an odd part of today’s camera segments. The RX10 II comes with a hefty price tag and barrage of intense manual features to save you from carrying your big bulky DSLR as well as all those lenses you need to get the right picture. This snapper’s for those who want all the features and image quality without the heft of a DSLR, even if it’s just for an outing with friends, a day at the mall or your football club’s final event. 

The RX10 II brings immense image quality, super-quick shooting speed and a constant f/2.8, even when you’re using its wide zoom range. Like its predecessor, the camera has a DSLR-like body made of a premium magnesium alloy shell. This houses the Zeiss 24-200mm (35mm equivalent) zoom lens, coupled with a  1-inch, 20.2MP Exmor RS BSI CMOS sensor, and a BIONZ X image processor for rapid and sharp shooting. Videos can be recorded in 4K (3840x2160) at up to 30fps and brings along a jaw-dropping 960fps slow-mo setting with it.

Also adding to the list of upgrades on the RX10 successor is a self-timer duration of 5 seconds, a longer shutter speed of 30 seconds when shooting in P or AP mode. Additionally, a better flexible spot autofocus function and a new Picture Profile option to let you precisely adjust black levels, gamma, colour modes, colour saturation and more. The camera also has a tilt screen that is highly limited and an electronic viewfinder.

While its lens, features and build make the RX10 II your ideal choice in this segment of cameras, its Dh4,774 price — to be confirmed in the UAE — is where you might take a step back and wonder if you actually need to spend this amount on a camera in this class. Only time can tell whether this segment will remain relevant or not, but for now the RX10 II puts Sony right on top of the pile.