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The Argument

We live in divisive times and every hot-button issue today is tirelessly debated over in the endless void that is the internet. But if you’d like to step out of your echo chamber of shared opinions, The Argument is for you. A new podcast from The New York Times, the podcast answers the question, “How could they possibly think that?” Columnists David Leonhardt, Michelle Goldberg and Ross Douthat get together to explain the range of arguments around the week’s political debate. While this one’s mostly for people who are interested in US politics and policy-making, it should appeal to a wider audience given that these things have wider implications. For their first episode dropped on October 11, the panel discussed if Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation broke the US Supreme Court. New episodes drop every Thursday.

The Cut on Tuesdays

From New York Magazine and Gimlet Media, The Cut on Tuesdays brings you women’s voices on culture, style, sex, politics and people: essentially all the stories you love reading on The Cut, but now will leap from the pages and into your ears. Catch up with host Molly Fischer every week for arguments, obsessions, dissections, reflections, confessions, and other deep dives. The first episode sees Fischer talk “empowerment” and 90s-era preteen girl power, and the Cut’s Stella Bugbee on the tricky lesson she’s teaching her daughter. Then, Lindsay Peoples Wagner — fresh off the announcement of her new job as editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue — on speaking truth to power in the fashion world. And, finally, Rebecca Traister goes deep on a photograph from 1991 that captures the exhilarating and exhausting struggle for real power.

The Truth

If you haven’t yet treated yourself to The Truth, you’ve been missing out on life-changing stuff. The podcast “makes movies for your ears”. They’re short stories that are sometimes dark, sometimes funny, and always intriguing. The podcast, produced and directed by radio veteran Jonathan Mitchell, has now released a four-part series titled Off-Season (part four drops on October 22), that follows the story of one Bruce Alvarez, who after being accused of sexual harassment live on air, retreats to the Hamptons until the whole thing blows over. Timely and essential, this engaging limited series, featuring Peter Grosz (Veep) in the lead role, should keep you excellent company as you hit the beach/pool this weekend.

The Invisible Network

On October 16, Nasa launched to podcast space their six-episode limited series The Invisible Network. Space nerds will be treated to some very specific stories related to technologies crucial to spaceflight, yet often overlooked. The podcast’s title comes from author and former Nasa engineer Sunny Tsiao’s book, Read You Loud and Clear, which Nasa published in 2008. The goal of The Invisible Network is to engage listeners with overlooked technologies and advancements. The narrative format allows episodes to delve deeply into a topic, while uncovering the human side of space science and exploration.