Dubai: Samsung Gulf has opened its first multi-experience store in the Middle East and North Africa at The Dubai Mall for digital-savvy customers to get their hands on the latest technologies.

“As a brand, we acknowledge the need to constantly evolve as we embark on digitally enhancing our customers’ lives by showcasing a full suite of solutions,” said Chung Lyong Lee, president at Samsung Gulf Electronics.

At the store, Samsung has displayed its Quantum Dot 8K TV, connected fridge and connected washing machine, apart from its latest launches.

Deepak Babani, executive vice-chairman at Eros Group, said that the 853 square metre experience store offers engaging platforms for customers to enjoy increased accessibility to the brand, and centres around key aspects such as gaming, photography and connected living.

Eros manages the experience store.

After Apple launching its experience stores in Dubai, other brands such as Huawei and Xiaomi are following suit and opening more stores.

“An experience store is needed for brands to showcase its technologies and enhance the customer experience by holding live demos and hands-on experience,” Babani said.

Samsung said its connected washing machine is available in the market now.