DSC insurance
Dubai Sports Council has made it mandatory for all sports events to be insured from September 1. Image Credit: Courtesy: DSC

Dubai: As part of Dubai Sports Council’s efforts to enhance the level of the organisation of sports events, boost the status of this vital sector, increase the numbers of participants in the events and attract more amateur & professional athletes of different categories from UAE and overseas, the Council has announced the mandatory of the sports events insurance as of the September 1, 2022.

The issuance of the new decision, the first of its kind in the region, is based on the Resolution No. 1 — 2020, which was issued by the Executive Council of Dubai, regarding the organisation of corporations & sports events in the Emirate of Dubai. Compliance to this decision is a mandatory for obtaining license to organise events from DSC. The decision aims to secure further protection for participants in sports events, enhance the quality of work to provide all factors of safety, attract participants, open new channels of development and boost the sports events organising sector, which presents vital role in the community and economy movement.

Irrevocable and unaltered

The decision has determined that insurance policy on events should be issued by one of the licensed, ratified and competent insurance companies in Dubai or by a company that has a branch in the Emirate. The insurance policy should be issued in the name of the organiser of the respective sports event and use of this document should be limited to the respective event. In case the respective event will take place in more than one Emirate in UAE, then the insurance should cover all locations of the cities where the event will be organised.

The insurance policy should be irrevocable, unmodifiable & unalterable after been issued, unless the event is cancelled or delayed. The insurance policy shall come into effect as of the date of the commence of the preparatory works of the event and shall expire on the date of the removal of the constructions from the event location.

Dubai Sports Council confirmed that the organisers should make participants acquainted with the content of the insurance policy and with all responsibilities of the organiser regarding the cases, which are stipulated in the document. DSC also urged participants to be aware of all details of the insurance policy and to confirm their medical fitness and physical abilities to participate in the event in order to safeguard themselves and to ensure successful organising of the event.