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Shaken rider Al Shamsi mulls quitting sport

‘I don't see myself riding again'

Pascal Grosjean
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Pascal Grosjean
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Dubai : Rookie rider Abdul Rahman Al Shamsi, who has been described as the most exciting talent to emerge from the Emirates in recent years, says he is considering quitting the sport following the death of his friend and coach Pascal Grosjean.

Grosjean was killed after being hit from behind moments after winning the 2009-10 UAE Sportbike Championship at the Dubai Autodrome on Friday.

Al Shamsi said: "There's such a big hole left from where Pascal was and I just feel a part of me has broken.

Bad memories

"I don't see myself riding again. It really hurts right now. I'm done with the sport, it has so many bad memories for me."

Al Shamsi says he will have no regrets about quitting a sport that he has loved passionately

"I appreciate that there is good and bad in life, but what has happenedd to Pascal has made me re-think about what I want to be doing. And at this point I don't want to be riding a superbike again."

Paul Velasco, Autodrome Communications Manager, said: "Abdul was a kid with big, big potential. As a rookie he made a huge impact during the 2009-10 season. It will be very disappointing if he does quit because I think he still has a lot to offer. But it's his call."

Al Shamsi said he will always remember Grosjean for the passion he brought to motorbike racing. "He loved what he was doing and just kept pushing, himself and guys like me. I had a very close relationship with him — he was more than a coach, a mentor. He was my best friend. "

An Autodrome spokesperson said the condition of British biker Tony Jordan, who was involved in the accident had stabilised. "He is in the specialist intensive care unit in Rashid Hospital in an induced coma in serious but stable condition."



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We saw what happened last Friday. It was indeed shocking! So tragic considering it was just moments after his victory. Grosjean was a great rider. Our prayers are with him.


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