GIU - Josh
Josh Grenville-Wood, now on the road, hones his skills at the Claude Harmon Academy at The Els Club, Dubai. Image Credit: Supplied photo

Dubai: Josh Grenville-Wood, the 24-year-old Dubai-based British golfer, is bracing up for the $75,000 Laguna Phuket Cup which tees off on Sunday. He currently lies 30th in the ‘Journey to Jordan’ MENA Tour Order of Merit and eighth in the Asian Development Tour Order of Merit, after competing in two counting events on both Tours.

Gulf News caught up with him for an exclusive chat about his journey so far and future plans.

QUESTION: Tell us about your golfing career and journey till date and how you came to be in Dubai?

JOSH: I have been based in Dubai for just over one year since I obtained my residence status. It is the ideal base for professional golfers, for its winter climate, global location and access as well as the golfing facilities. But do not tell everyone, we want to keep these secrets to ourselves (laughs).

I am coached by Joe Marshall at the Claude Harmon Academy (CH3) at The Els Club, Dubai.

Where and when did you get into golf?

My dad was a teaching pro at Oak Park Golf Club in Crondall, Surrey, which I believe has now permanently closed, which is sad if it is the case. I first started swinging a golf club from as far back as I remember, I am told by family and friends, from around two years of age.

The family then moved to Atlanta in the US when I was about 14 years old and my dad then worked at Whitewater Creek Country Club in Georgia. I started to get really keen on golf and win some junior events in and around other junior golfers from other golf clubs in the area when I was 16 or 17 years old.

I then attended college in the US, that did not work for me and I decided to turn pro at 19 and we returned to the UK in 2017 and we made Oxford our family home,

I played full-time in the UK, participating on the EuroPro Tour and other events and then spent most of 2018 in the Philippines. I was then introduced to the MENA Tour but then, Covid hit us all.

What did you do during Covid?

During Covid, I spent my time between the US, UK and Dubai - coping with the travel and life challenges. Now post Covid, now that professional golf has returned, I am committed to both the Asian Development Tour and the MENA Tour.

What are your immediate plans?

I am playing all four events on the ‘Beautiful Thailand Series,’ having played last week in the Laguna Phuket Challenge at Laguna Golf Phuket and finished in tied 17th place with rounds of 67, 68 and 68 for a seven-under par tournament. After the remaining three weeks on Tour, I will return to Dubai and review my schedule.

What are your longer term plans and ambitions?

For all aspiring golfers, it is all about playing opportunities. I have met some good guys on Tour and I am trying to mix with the ones doing well and the hard workers, both on and off the golf course, that will hopefully rub off on me.

My ultimate goal is to climb the golfing ladder of professional golf and see where it takes me.

Good luck Josh for this week and your 2022 schedule. See you in Dubai soon!

Josh Grenville-Wood’s schedule on the MENA Tour/Asian Development Tour:

May 8 – 10, 2022. Laguna Phuket Cup. Laguna Golf Phuket ($75,000)

May 13– 15, 2022. Blue Canyon Classic, Blue Canyon Country Club, Lakes Course. ($75,000).

May 18 – 20th, 2022. Blue Canyon Open, Blue Canyon CC, Canyon Course. ($75,000).