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Shiv Kapur Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Dubai: I am especially excited to be hosting my EAGL Junior Championship in the morning (Saturday) with an 8.30am shotgun start at The Track Meydan, Dubai.

There are some excellent young golfers in the draw with some very impressive handicaps from the golf clubs all over the UAE. I am especially intrigued with the ages of the players, with six 17 and 18 year olds, and 10 of the field of 40 juniors aged 12 and under. It is great to see the real youngsters getting involved at such an early age and being encouraged to flourish.

A special mention to the five girls competing, Sakura Kawakami (AESGC), Hannah Alan (DCGYC), Aasiya Saleem (MGC), Daul Kim (JGE) and Ananya Sood (Els GEMS).

The juniors are the future of the game in the UAE and I am delighted to put my name to both the Emirates Amateur Golf League (EAGL) initiatives and particularly the inaugural EAGL Junior Championship.

When I was growing up in India, I received tremendous support from my home golf club, the Indian Golf Union, and family and friends.

My motivation for this tournament is to give something back to the game and to today’s youngsters.

I will be there watching all the juniors and to present all the prizes to the winners.

Let’s hope it gets the success it deserves to be and we can make this an annual event.

Good luck to all.

Draw for the EAGL Junior Championship
8.30am shotgun start/The Track Meydan/Saturday, December 18:
Hole 1 — Peter Whittaker (+3.0) AESGC, Tian Labuschagne (+1.0) AESGC, Aasiya Saleem (3) (MGC), Anca Mathieu (6) (MGC).
Hole 2A — Gregorio Grasselli (Scr) JGE, Jay Chinkchankar (+1) JGE, Max Hibert (2) Els 1, Sam Durbin (3) Els 1.
Hole 2B — Sakura Kawakami (1) AESGC, Jeev Gill (5) AESGC, Hannah Alan (2) DCGYC, Wenji Li (4) DCGYC.
Hole 3 — Fedde Wassink (+1.0) Els 2, Vivaan Chhibber (7) Els 2, Aryan Sidharth (14) EAGL, Maurya Rai (5) EAGL.
Hole 4 — Vlademar Kofod-Olsen (+3) Els 1, Trysten du Plassis (+1.0) Els 1, Vedant Pal (1) EGC, Victor Kofod-Olsen (+2) EGC.
Hole 5 — Jack White (6) Els 2, Rio Hunter (4) Els 2, Sebastian Crook (9) Els GEMS, Kieran Gouri (9) Els GEMS.
Hole 6 — Raghav Gulati (Scr) DCGYC, Sandro Wulff (4) DCGYC, Johshveer Chadhaa (1) EGC, Lorenzo Lironi (4) EGC.
Hole 7 — Seth Hopkinson (1) JGE, Daul Kim (13) JGE, Oscar Nami (7) Els GEMS, Ananya Sood (18) Els GEMS.
Hole 8 — Adam Campbell (4) MGC, Ryan Ahmed (7) MGC, Sultan Al Jasmi (4) EGF, Rashid Al Jasmi (8) EGF.
Hole 9 — Mohammad Skaik (10) EGF, Abdullah Alswidi (5) EGF, Seyran Pogosyan (18) EAGL, Kiaam Maharaj (15) EAGL.
Key to Clubs:
AESGC — Al Ain Equestrian Shooting and Golf Club.
DCGYC — Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club.
EAGL — Emirates Amateur Golf League.
EGC — Emirates Golf Club.
EGF — Emirates Golf Federation.
MGC — Montgomerie Golf Club.