Sharjah Golf & Shooting Club
Sharjah Golf & Shooting Club Image Credit: Sharjah Golf & Shooting Club Twitter

I am a summer member of Sharjah Golf & Shooting Club and have been for the past two years. The club has a strong group of loyal golfers and we have a good social crowd with a varied tournament calendar.

Living in Dubai, it is a lot closer distance and timewise than most people realise and I can be on the tee from my office within just 30-40 minutes, depending on the traffic and the road network that has improved in recent times.

The nine-hole is especially attractive to me and my group of players because of the floodlights that allows play until 9pm, making it ideal to play after office hours. We all know Dubai and the UAE summer months and it is not always easy to play golf in 40-50 degree temperatures under the sun, but in the evenings from 5pm onwards we all enjoy the game.

The condition and quality of the golf course is always consistent. It is a busy golf course and I always find it in good condition, especially the greens. It has a pleasant and friendly layout. That is far from saying it is easy.

We always enjoy playing at Sharjah Golf & Shooting Club thanks to the great setting and the social aspect. New friends are always around the corner, along with some great facilities are and friendly staff.

For all golfers across Dubai and the UAE, I would recommend Sharjah Golf & Shooting Club so you can see what you are missing.