Footage from the Manchester City drone video
Footage from the Manchester City drone video Image Credit: Man City Twitter

Dubai: Manchester City's social media and tech team are as alert as the men on the field. Moments after their fifth Premier League title in 10 years was confirmed on Tuesday night with Manchester United's loss to Leicester City at Old Trafford, a sensational video was posted online to mark the achievement.

On the tweet marked: "We’ve got one take at this! Let’s go," a drone camera went on an inside-and-out high-speed tour around City's Etihad Stadium. The amazing shoot lasted three minutes and 40 seconds and tore through the stadiums corridors and stands before zooming around the pitch at high speed and ending up at the centre circle, wher the English Premier League trophy had appeared.

Take a look for yourself here. As City themselves posted: "What a season! What a ride!"