Smiling... Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola with the Premier League trophy. City stand to earn an incredible £270 million if they win the treble this season. Image Credit: Twitter / Man City

The conclusion of another thrilling English Premier League season has brought forth the distribution of a staggering £2.5 billion in prize money and broadcast revenue among the 20 participating clubs.

Claiming the coveted title, Manchester City received over £160 million, taking a significant step toward a potential treble. Meanwhile, despite suffering relegation, Southampton managed to pocket a substantial £100 million.

While the exact figures are no longer publicly disclosed, each position in the league table is valued at £2.2 million. Broadcast revenue is distributed evenly, although clubs featured more frequently in UK televised matches received a slightly higher share.

Base payment

All clubs received an equal base payment from TV rights, which amounted to around £84 million last season and is expected to rise this season. Additional income is generated based on the frequency of their appearances on domestic television.

Liverpool and Chelsea found themselves in the unenviable position of being the biggest losers, having failed to qualify for the lucrative Champions League, potentially costing them up to £100 million for the upcoming season.

Despite receiving substantial parachute payments, Southampton, Leeds, and Leicester will need to part ways with their star players and reduce their wage bills as they adapt to life in the Championship.

Manchester City have an opportunity to secure an extra £4 million by triumphing over Manchester United in the FA Cup final at Wembley. In contrast, clinching victory against Inter Milan in the Champions League final could yield an astonishing £95 million. The journey to the final alone has already earned Pep Guardiola’s side £90 million.

Completing a historic treble would see City amass nearly £270 million in earnings.

Missing out

Chelsea, finishing in 12th place and missing out on European competitions altogether, face the prospect of losing at least £70 million. Similarly, Liverpool stand to miss out on £50 million, having only secured a Europa League spot, while Tottenham Hotspur faces a similar financial setback due to their complete absence from European competitions.

Arsenal, Manchester United, and Newcastle United, on the other hand, will enjoy a financial boost for their return to the top four and qualification for the Champions League.