Paris: Responding to criticism after some fans buying tickets for the Women’s World Cup were not given seats together, Fifa said it was working toward a solution with the local organising committee in France.

Tickets were made available for printing on Monday and ticket holders learnt their seats were sometimes split up in separate rows and different sections — even couples and families with children were separated. The backlash on social media was swift.

On Tuesday, FIFA posted a statement to its website explaining that high demand for some matches, including the semi-final and final in Lyon, meant only single seats were available. Fifa also said that it estimates only a small number of fans are affected.

“FIFA and the Local Organising Committee are continuing to work towards finding the best solution for all fans attending the Fifa Women’s World Cup and, in particular, are doing everything they can to ensure that families will always be seated together at each and every match,” the statement said, referencing a phone number and email for inquiries.

The tournament starts on June 7 and runs until July 7. The situation could cause problems in the stadiums before games, when fans may try to swap seats to sit next to friends or family members.