Leipzig: A door in Leipzig's World Cup stadium which was damaged by an angry Zinedine Zidane after his disappointing performance against South Korea is to be put on show.

The Real Madrid midfielder had a poor game and picked up his second yellow card of the tournament. Frustrated by his performance, Zidane took a huge kick at the door with his studs up and left several marks.

Stadium manager Winfried Lonzen said: "At first I though I would ask for compensation for the damage from Fifa, then I thought it would be good to keep the holes as a memory to one of the greatest footballers of all time."

Franz Beckenbauer invented the libero position and, aided by a private helicopter, the World Cup organising committee chief is breaking records for roaming around Germany to attend as many matches as possible.

But the 60-year-old footballing great has now won Don't Mention The Score's 'Carpe Diem' award for flying back to his home in Austria to marry Heidi between the group matches and the second round.

They wanted a quiet, secret ceremony. Mrs Beckenbauer (number three) is now officially 'Heidi High,' since she will spend most of her honeymoon in a helicopter.

Oliver Kahn's silence over having to play second fiddle to Arsenal's Jens Lehmann during the World Cup was never going to last.

Just as the hosts reached the last eight, the Bayern Munich keeper has fired a shot at coach Jurgen Klinsmann. He said: "I will never be able to justify and understand why I am still not the No1. "Normally, I'd have expected a full explanation. But as there hasn't been one yet, there probably won't be one."

Let's hope any British royalty are sitting well away from Diego Maradona if we get to face Argentina. The now slimline handball cheat breached protocol when he kissed Maxima, the wife of Crown Prince Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, on the lips at the Holland-Argentina match.