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Barcelona's Lionel Messi is concerned over the Spanish side's form Image Credit: AP

Lionel Messi, Barcelona’s star playmaker and goalgetter, says the La Liga champions have no chance of winning the Champions League this season unless they drastically improve.

Talks are taking place to see the return of Europe’s top continental tournament in July or August following the coronavirus pandemic, but Messi fears Barcea aren’t well-equipped tactically to win it.

Barcelona, under new manager Quique Serien, are currently at the top of La Liga but Messi believes the current system is not capable of helping them win the Champions League.

“What I think is that coach misunderstood what I said. What I said is that playing as we had been playing the last games before the break, it seemed clear that we weren’t enough to win the Champions League,” Messi told Spanish outlet Sport.

“I never doubted the squad we have and I have no doubt that you can win all that remain, but not by playing in the way we were playing.

“Now, everyone has their opinion and they are all very respectable. Mine is based on the fact that I was lucky to play the Champions League every year and I know that it is not possible to win it by playing as we have been playing.”

Barcelona are locked 1-1 in their last-16 tie against Lyon ahead of the suspended second leg.