Hiannick Kamba
Hiannick Kamba Image Credit: SV Vestia Disteln Facebook

Hiannick Kamba, a footballer who officially died in a car crash in his native DR Congo four years ago has reportedly reappeared alive and well.

The former player for Bundesliga side Schalke has returned to Germany, according to a report in People magazine.

“Mr Kamba has recently returned to Germany,” German prosecutor Anette Milk told People. “There are no reasonable doubts about his identity.”

German newspaper Bild also reported that Kamba had returned to his job at an energy company in Gelsenkirchen.

“An investigation into fraud is under way at the Essen public prosecutor’s office against his wife. She denies the charge,” Milk also told People.

Kamba’s wife has allegedly been accused of fraudulently forging a death certificate and other documents.

Milk told the magazine the car crash Kamba was said to have died in is alleged to have been staged.