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On Monday, Twitter's iconic blue bird logo underwent a significant transformation as the platform's owner, Elon Musk, announced the switch to an "X" through a series of tweets. This change marks a major rebranding effort for the social media giant. Image Credit: Gulf News

Twitter’s iconic bird logo is no more as Elon Musk, the billionaire CEO of Twitter, unveils a sensational transformation of the world’s most influential social media platform.

The X logo has now taken centrestage, signifying Musk’s grand vision of creating an “everything app” aimed at revolutionising social media as we know it.

Musk teased the change with cryptic tweets in recent days, sending Twitter users into a frenzy. And just like that, the familiar blue bird was replaced on Monday by the bold X on Twitter website. But the metamorphosis of the social media behemoth doesn’t stop there. Musk’s seeks to integrate the X logo into mobile apps too. 

With the name changed to X Corp, Twitter is undergoing its most profound and perhaps a complete makeover. True to his reputation as an industry disrupter, Musk even set his profile picture as the new emblem and added X.com to his bio, leaving no doubt about his bold new vision. 

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But what’s behind this cosmic shift? Going forward Musk envisions X as the ultimate “everything app,” revolutionising how we connect, shop, and even handle financial services.

Imagine an AI-powered global marketplace for ideas, goods, services, and opportunities, all at your fingertips. Banking, digital purchases, credit cards, investments — X — at some point in future — will incorporate it all!

Transforming Twitter

As the X logo formally takes over, Twitter’s blue bird fades into history. It’s a bold move that is expected to reshape the entire social media landscape.

Musk’s disruptive ambitions don’t stop there: he’s fully determined to make X (rebranded as online social media and social networking service) a rival to contend with.

Special Alphabets 4
The X logo itself appears to be based on a glyph from Special Alphabets 4, a stylish stype of lettering. In some of his remarks, Musk noted that the new X logo is an “interim” one, so even this style could be replaced at a later stage. Twitter employees were reportedly informed of the change with an email that closed with a statement that it would be the last Musk email to come from the Twitter.com domain.

As the world watches Musk’s next move, he’s not only transforming Twitter but also making headlines with his quirky remarks.

Famed as a man of innovation, known for launching rockets and building next gen electric cars, Musk’s efforts to rebrand Twitter and rename it as X has raised some eyebrows though.

A comprehensive platform

His critics question whether an overhaul of Twitter can help boost the company’s ad revenue, which has been plummeting for some time. The company continues to remains cash flow negative.

While legions of his followers feel confident that X is primed to re-invent rules of the game by which we communicate, shop, and handle finances, many remain doubtful about the hype and expectations around X.

Challenges galore
As the new venture takes off, it encounters several obstacles. Musk recently revealed that the platform is currently experiencing a negative cash flow, primarily due to a significant 50% decline in advertising revenue and substantial debt burdens.

It remains to be seen whether Musk’s grand vision of X as the comprehensive platform will become a reality, whose time has come.

In the meantime, internet, chock-a-block with both his acolytes and naysayers, braces for a brand new Xperience.