Gender reveal
Gender reveals can be quite a bonding experience. Image Credit: Shutterstock

The good thing about a gender reveal is: they start to celebrate the baby before he/she is even born; surprising friends and family, making it a fun way to share the happy news. Parties are held and often, there’s a cute cake, toys or pranks before confetti or smoke – pink for a girl or blue for a boy – streams through the air announcing the sex of the newborn-to-be.


Some stunts are extreme … like this one by Instagram user @skyrevealmx, which saw a pregnant mum, daughter and dad walking along as a plane flew right at them gushing out blue smoke. Watch the clip for the dad's reaction.

Talking about smoke gusts – a child on a mini bike was a big part of this couple’s gender reveal. When he hit the pedal there was a gust of pink smoke.

And then there's the pony-telling-the-future moment that a couple enjoyed. The little horse ran out of the trailer blazing blue smoke behind it. Instagram user @videographybysavanah posted the cute video, captioning it: "It’s a BOY. Capturing my best friends gender reveal = priceless."

You could try the classic experience – mum and dad get together and pop a confetti can – coloured confetti rains down.

When one couple in Russia had their baby’s gender reveal moment, it was epic. The video, uploaded on Instagram, shows the family of three – dad dressed in a baby blue pant suit and mum and toddler wore a blush-pink fairy-tale gown - standing around a black balloon with the question on it. Then the pregnant woman pops it only for a number of blue balloons to leap out. But this isn't the best part – the really heart-warming reaction is the dad's; he can be seen jumping, crawling and just all-in-all expressing his happiness in a big way.

An Asian couple had a unique way of telling their son about the gender of his sibling - with a homemade volcano!

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