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Dubai: Are you a new or expectant mum? The birth of a baby comes with many additional expenses that can throw your budget off. From baby formula and nappies to baby cribs, you want to get the best for your little one. It doesn't necessarily mean breaking the bank, if you plan in advance.

Here's a list of five hacks that new mums can keep in mind while budgeting expenses for a newborn.

1) Order essentials in bulk

Bulk deals are often cheaper, buy and stock up on essentials.

Nappies, baby formula, creams, wipes and bottles will become the top essentials for your newborn. Instead of buying them as you go, the better option is to stock up on these essentials by purchasing them in bulk from supermarkets or online stores. Bulk deals are often cheaper. Make sure to check on expiry dates of perishable items and baby toiletries such as creams or shampoos before storing them away. 

2) Don’t overbuy clothes, shoes, and toys

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Can't resist the urge to buy that cute dress in six colours, or that funky pair of baby shoes? Ask any experienced mum and this is the one thing they will discourage you from doing, because babies outgrow their clothes and shoes way quicker than you expect. Overspending on clothes and baby shoes isn't a great idea when you are on a budget. Moreover, friends and family members coming to visit the new baby will often gift clothes, shoes or toys. Mums will also tell you how toys seem to clutter up quickly. Keep toys minimal and avoid unnecessary buys.

Some mums in the UAE also use social media to find groups where mums exchange or hand down barely-worn baby clothes and toys to help other mums who are on a tight budget.

3) Online deals and reward points

Apart from deals and topical discounts, when shopping for baby items, what if you could make money with every purchase you made? UAE mums can use their credit cards while shopping for their baby and take advantage of credit card cashback and rewards or points systems. This means you benefit from discounts on groceries, fuel and when shopping at online retail outlets. Doing so can help balance out other expenses, while you get to shop to your heart's content for your little one.

4) Invest in convertible baby equipment

UAE parents reminded car seats are mandatory
UAE parents reminded car seats are mandatory Image Credit: Shutterstock

With the coming of a new baby, it's time to buy a new crib, a stroller, car seat, and baby carriers for your outdoor trips. When buying a new stroller, look for options that come with a built-in newborn baby car seats, which can double as baby carriers. If you are purchasing a new crib for the baby, buy one that can be turned into a toddler bed later. 

5) Reasonably-priced insurance

Your maternity insurance cover will ideally cover first 30 days of your baby's medical bills. However, plan in advance and look at reasonably-priced insurance plans before your due date, so that your post-natal trips don't cost you too much.