New parents platform launched by Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority
New parents platform launched by Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority Image Credit: Shutterstock

The Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority, ECA, has launched the Parents Platform to strengthen the abilities and confidence of parents and caregivers to support the development and wellbeing of children from birth to 8 years old.

The Parents Platform, the first for early childhood in the region, aims at promoting community engagement by providing a sustainable content and sharing resources with parents, caregivers and stakeholders, to help them support children's development and wellbeing, and enrich their experiences with the best practices for parenting. Moreover, the platform aims at raising awareness about the importance of early childhood development, offering tools to advance this vital sector.

"Parents Platform offers rich and sustainable content for its users, including families, child-related local and international entities and organisations, researchers, graduate students, volunteers, content creators and the business sector," according to ECA.

The Early Childhood Authority noted that launching the Parents Platform happened in partnership with a leading group of experts and specialists, local and international child-related entities and institutions from the public and private sectors, universities, institutes, and leading research and studies centres. "This aims to offer important knowledge to advance this sector, promoting the best practices derived from the scientific results of the Early Childhood Authority's recent research and studies, and deepening the parents' sense of parental responsibility, while providing them with rich and integrated content," it added.

Those interested can view the Early Childhood Authority website at and click on the Parents Platform tab on the home page.