Let them tweet – The sparrow was once known as a domestic bird in India. So common was the sight of sparrows chirping that it was declared as the ‘State Bird of Delhi’ in 2012. That is not the case anymore. According to Indian conservationist Mohammad Dilawar the birds are nearing extinction because of “mindless urbanization”. He started the practice of celebrating March 20th as World Sparrow Day to raise awareness about the loss of natural habitat for the bird. On the other side of the world, the US budget announcement also included deep cuts to science and environmental programmes, leading to an outrage on social media. Here is a roundup of all the comments, discussions and movements on social media on animal conservation.

In India, people tweeted using the hashtags #WorldSparrowDay and #SavetheSparrow.

@DDNewsLive: “#WorldSparrowDay today; The day is celebrated to raise awareness of the house sparrow and other common birds to urban environments”

@SirJadeja: “Save Sparrow, Save Nature! #WorldSparrowDay”

@NNandiesha: “‘Lack of emotional connect making SPARROWS extinct’ Dear friends let us contribute whatever way possible to have this cute bird among us.”

@DhananiGautam: “It is almost impossible to spot a single sparrow these days. Beautiful bird on the verge of being extinct. #worldsparrowday

@DiscoveryIN: “‘A sparrow is to a city, what a tiger is to a jungle’. Don’t let the chirp die, save them before it’s too late. #worldsparrowday”

@maltianddeelip: “#worldsparrowday

Learn from sparrows.....

To tweet sweet...

To be neat...

To be faster and smarter...”

@MamtaVirang: “Please.. Put a water pot on ur porch, roof or in a balcony for birds. Show some love towards them. #WorldSparrowDay #savebirds #summer.”

@AnimalPlanetIn: “Once an early alarm clock for everyone, now it is hard to spot one. It’s important we think about our little friends #worldsparrowday”

@AshiQuotes: “Innovative Idea for keeping water & food for the birds this summer. #worldsparrowday #SparrowConservation”

@chmnaidu: “‘There Is Reward For Kindness To Every Living Thing.’ - #ProphetMuhammad #quote

#worldsparrowday #SaveSparrow #SaveBirds”

@Soniya7_: “Please place a bowl/plate of water in your window/garden for the birds. :) #Savesparrow #SparrowConservation #worldsparrowday”

@111_bhargav: “I Love sparrow.. #worldsparrowday #SaveSparrow #water #waterbowl #home #swamisthought #birds #sparrownest @WorldSparrowDa @sparrowday

@savegib: “Week-long wildlife Census begins in #Rajasthan focus on #GreatIndianBustard”

@gabby_agnelly: “An estimated 150-200 species of plant, insect, bird, and mammal become extinct every 24 hours and people are still hung up on global warming.”

@kamlesm: “We need #data on this magnificent #bird of #India #Rajasthan to know extent of #danger #extinction #GreatIndianBustard.”

@zsamaha: “Bluefin Tuna Is the Most Coveted Fish in the Sea — and It’s Nearing Extinction”

@katemctiriss: “If anybody’s like ‘Who cares about birds going extinct because of this Trump budget when [insert other important thing]’ you’re missing the point.”

@careprayerdiary: “#Pray for naturalists working to conserve #wildlife and their habitats on coastal

areas across the world, safeguarding them from extinction.”

@nbnnews: “Native birds of prey are on the verge of extinction, because of habitat loss and animal baiting.”

— Compiled by Huda Tabrez/Community Web Editor