Mohamed bin Zayed Afghan families gallery
Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed reviews services provided to Afghan families at Emirates Humanitarian City Image Credit: WAM

ABU DHABI: The rapid and unhesitant response of the UAE to alleviate the aggravating humanitarian conditions in Afghanistan has been welcomed widely both regionally and globally.

While thousands of Afghans have been evacuated to many countries during the time of uncertainty in the past two weeks, the Emirates Humanitarian City is currently a haven for thousands of them on their way to a third country.

The visit of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces to the City was aimed at supporting them and spreading the spirit of comfort and reassurance, based on the pioneering role of the country, its wise leadership, and its unique humanitarian donation at the regional and global levels.

The visit emphasises the UAE's humanitarian dimension, which has become a role model globally in protecting and supporting the underprivileged in the Middle East and the world. The global appreciation proves that the UAE has responsibly exceeded the world's expectations.

The country has provided facilities for dozens of flights to transport hundreds of foreign citizens from Afghanistan to its airports. It also facilitated the evacuation of nearly 8,500 foreigners using its aircraft and airports, while currently hosting 5,000 Afghans and their families temporarily.

The UAE’s giving is provided to everyone, regardless of race or religion, based on a basic pillar adopted by the country since its establishment and a principle that it does not only adopt but also implements on the ground.

This approach was established by the leadership that reflects the UAE’s commitment to strengthening international cooperation, especially in times of need.

The country has gained a great deal in managing several humanitarian camps and victims of disasters in many countries. Given the unique logistics it possesses, the response has been exemplary and at a critical juncture.

The UAE has responded to the call of humanitarian duty it received from many big countries to transport their nationals from Kabul, and it did not hesitate to provide assistance based on a humanitarian approach and thanks to its accumulative journey which is all about giving.

The UAE's rapid response to the call of humanitarian duty has largely contributed to preventing the situation from worsening, especially in Europe, where the influx of a new wave of immigrants is threatening.

The great humanitarian efforts provided by the UAE to the underprivileged in general reflects its values and unwavering approach to the protection of human rights and emphasises its leading role in humanitarian and relief work as well as its commitment to support regional and international efforts to provide protection and assistance to them.

The country’s efforts, not only provided shelter to them but also ensured, in the past ten years, more than U$1.11 billion in aid as regional and international relief efforts inside Syria or in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Greece.

The aid included the provision of food, shelter, and healthcare, as well as establishing field hospitals such as the Emirati-Jordanian Camp in Mrajeeb Al Fhood refugee camp, as well as similar camps in the Kurdistan region of Iraq and Greece, to provide wellbeing, protection and various social services.

The Emirati experience in providing aid to the needy reflects its approach of human values based on tolerance, love and respect for all cultures, religions and human races.