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Kashmiri school children play cricket on the outskirts of Srinagar, Kashmir, Nov 10, 2023 Image Credit: AP

In the embrace of autumn in Kashmir, nature transforms into a canvas ablaze with the fiery shades of amber, ruby, and gold.

The famous green landscapes surrender to an exquisite metamorphosis, as trees shed their leaves for a spectacular wardrobe of warm tones.

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A woman get herself clicked amid the fallen Chinar leaves at the Nishat Bagh on an autumn afternoon, in Srinagar on Tuesday Image Credit: ANI

Kashmir's dramatic foliage

The air in the valley is imbued with poignant nostalgia, and each rustling leaf becomes a whispering ode to the passing of time. As the sun bathes the world in a golden glow, the dramatic foliage commands attention, weaving a spellbinding tapestry.

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Students seen at Naseem Bagh amid the Chinar trees on an autumn afternoon, at Kashmir University, in Srinagar Image Credit: ANI

Kaleidoscope of reds, oranges, and golds

As autumn unfolds its majestic tapestry, nature orchestrates a symphony of fiery hues that ignite the landscape in a breathtaking display of brilliance.

Everything is kaleidoscope of reds, oranges, and golds, as if the trees are afire with the fervour of the season.

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A student walks on the fallen Chinar leaves at Naseem Bagh on an autumn afternoon, at Kashmir University, in Srinagar on Monday Image Credit: ANI

An ethereal glow

The air is crisp with the intoxicating aroma of decay, while the sunlight, filtered through the myriad leaves, paints the world in an ethereal glow.

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People seen at Nishat Bagh, a famous Mughal Garden, on an autumn afternoon, in Srinagar Image Credit: ANI

Nature’s grand finale

Autumn in Kashmir is a dramatic manifestation of nature’s grand finale and an invitation to revel in the fleeting beauty of the present moment.

It’s a time when nature, in its splendid vulnerability, invites reflection, urging us to embrace change with the same grace as the falling leaves.

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People walk on the fallen leaves of Chinar trees at the Nishat Bagh during the autumn season, in Srinagar on Monday. Image Credit: ANI

Landscape becomes a masterpiece

In the quiet surrender of autumn colours, there lies a profound poetry — a reminder that beauty can be found in letting go, in the quiet acceptance of impermanence.

The entire landscape of Kashmir becomes a masterpiece.

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Girls pick saffron flowers in a field, at Pampore in Pulwama on Tuesday. Pampore, known as the Saffron town of Kashmir, is famous for its high quality saffron Image Credit: ANI

A labour of love

Saffron flowers, a symphony of purple crocus emerges in Kashmir around this time, heralding the labour-intensive artistry of harvesting this precious spice.

As the delicate petals unfurl, revealing the crimson stigmas within, skilled hands meticulously pluck the threads, each a labour of love and a testament to the intricate dance between nature and human endeavour.