Ernakulam: India Army personnel rescue flood affected people in Ernakulam district of Kerala on Tuesday, Aug 21, 2018. Image Credit: PTI

The people of Kerala would like to express their heart-felt gratitude and praise to all the kind Rulers of the UAE, for their compassionate and timely support, for the people ravaged by the floods.

We also need to thank all the voluntary organisations that came forward during the crisis. The government of Kerala and the central government of India have done their best to relieve and save people from death and disaster; at least their intervention has helped to a great extent, in reducing the number of deaths in the state. However, it needs to be mentioned that the help from members of the army and navy soldiers reached late in many places. However the resilience of the citizens should be commended.

For the fishermen, the boats are their most precious assets and their only means of livelihood. Many of these boats got damaged by hitting the submerged and invisible roof tops and other obstacles hidden under the high waters. Let us hope that the Kerala government will use a small percentage of the donations to repair and replace the damaged or lost boats of this poor community, who came with their big hearts to save their brethren in distress.

In this context, it needs to be mentioned that donations in the past have been misused by many corrupt bureaucrats and politicians who have kept this money for themselves. I hope that this time, the Kerala government will make sure that the donations received from their benevolent brothers and sisters from the different parts of the world, are properly and transparently accounted for. It needs to be ensured that the money they have received is used for repairing the damages of the floods, and nothing else. It is hoped that all the politicians and people in power know that the whole world is watching them and they cannot misuse the trust other people have bestowed on them. I wish they execute their duties, honestly and transparently.

Let us pray for Kerala to be back on its feet and for the people affected by the disaster. I hope their lives can return to normalcy as quickly as possible, through the compassionate aid received from within the country and internationally. The UN also needs to be thanked for their offer for help. Let us hope that proper hygienic conditions are soon established to avert the danger of infectious diseases.

-The reader is a Training manager and resident of Dubai.