Attendees at the previous edition of the World Government Summit
Attendees at the previous edition of the World Government Summit Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

With the worst effects of the pandemic turned back and with widespread vaccinations finally paying a dividend, the global economy is shifting to a fast forward mode.

This week, the World Government Summit takes place in Dubai, offering an opportunity to shed light on key global challenges and determine ways to improve government performance and to prepare for and deal with sudden changes.

The platform will also explore the future of science, technology health, and other sectors, and their roles in building a sustainable future for the next generations.

Indeed, the challenge faced by the slowdown of the global economy now means that there are gaps in our supply chains — meaning that commodity producers, manufacturers and governments alike must be in lockstep to ensure that we all can make up for lost ground and opportunities now.


WGS2022 provides a unique opportunity to reshape the way we conduct business and how governments around the world along with international and regional regulatory agencies, and partners in the private sector, can facilitate growth and foster economic development.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the WGS, and it’s certainly apt that the event is centred on the site of Expo 2020 Dubai. For the past six months, the site has welcomed the world with innovative ideas and technologies — and with the Expo winding down, the WGS offers a rare opportunity to put those innovations into very practical and beneficial use for billions.

With 15 specialised conferences within the summit, the meetings will chart governments’ path in the post-coronavirus pandemic era. Naturally, given all that happened these past two years, there will be a focus on sustainability, ensuring that the path forward will be greener, focused on renewables and reducing our reliance on carbon-generating fuels.

There will also be an emphasis on health care and economic recovery.

That the summit is being hosted here in the UAE shows that this nation remains at the vanguard of economic and sustainable development, one where this nation’s unique location is a focal point in global trade between east and west.

Part of the challenges the world now face is to ensure that industry and economies can rely on a reliable and realistically-priced supply of oil to power the global economy in recovery mode.