Social distancing
We have to obey the rules. No country is equipped to handle a pandemic of this proportion Image Credit: Gulf News

Have you been staying at home? Were you practising social distancing when you had to go out? Did you wear a mask outdoors? We hope all of you did. And in the next few days, as we mark the Eid, you should stick to these measures to ensure your safety and the safety of others. As responsible citizens and residents, it’s our duty to follow the guidelines to help the UAE fight the scourge of COVID-19.

Ramadan is a time for prayer, reflection and family iftars. But this fasting month has come at a time when the world has been battling a global pandemic. Caution is the watchword now. That’s why the UAE and other countries have asked people to refrain from gathering for iftar and Taraweeh prayers.

Let’s behave responsibly: stay at home, wash our hands as often as possible, practise social distancing, wear masks outdoors, and follow the rules and guidelines.

- Gulf News

People in the UAE have generally adhered to the rules as each of the emirates carry out its own disinfection drive. But there have been instances where some people have shown scant regard for the guidelines.

A family gathering turned out to be a disaster as 31 people who attended the iftar party were found to have been infected by the virus. This is precisely the situation that UAE officials have sought to avoid.

The UAE is well aware of the risks when it partially opened the malls and parks, resumed the operation of Dubai Metro. It is important for the economy and the mental well-being of the people. However, officials expect people to do their part in safeguarding themselves and society at large. That would mean following the rules strictly.

But there have been violations. And these irresponsible actions are counterproductive, making it difficult for the authorities to rein in the spread of the virus. Hefty fines and more restrictions are a result of the scale of violations. These fines are essential to dissuade people from putting others in danger.

No country is equipped to handle a pandemic of this proportion. Think of the medical professionals who put their lives at risk every day. They work courageously in the face of grave danger to save us from the virus. We should recognise their sacrifice by acting responsibly; by averting any possible exposure to coronavirus. That would make the work of doctors, nurses and paramedics easier.

Each of us owes our health to ourselves. More importantly, we are vital cogs in keeping the UAE healthy. Let’s do our part: stay home, wash hands as often as possible, practise social distancing, wear masks (preferably gloves too) outdoors, and follow the guidelines. That way, we would have played our part in the global battle against coronavirus.