A dedicated hotline to report cases of child abuse online shows the UAE’s determination to forge a safe and secure future, especially for its young citizens and residents. The initiative also puts the UAE at the forefront of the global battle to counter the scourge of online predators, at a time when sexual exploitation of children has increased by an outrageous 1,500 per cent in the last two decades.

However, part of the onus of protecting our children from this monstrosity also lies at the doorstep of parents. Responsible parenting does not only mean providing for superior education and lifestyle for our young ones, but also being vigilant enough to prevent any possible scope for them to be exploited and abused. A generation growing up as internet savvy is great news, but it doesn’t have to translate into an alarming frenzy of online sexual abuse. And whether online or offline, the scars of physical injuries perhaps heal over time — but it’s the psychological wounds that are harder to confront and lead to damages for a lifetime.

As demonstrated at the summit in Abu Dhabi, it is within the power of both individuals and governments around the world to put an end to this menace.