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Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

The UAE’s annual government meetings, a powerful national exercise in sharpening the developmental vision of the UAE, began on Tuesday in their second edition. Launched last year, the initiative is among the most visionary moves by the UAE in its intent and reach, its purpose being clearly stated by His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, who said: “We will look for creative ideas that can set the agenda for a prosperous future for our nation. Our goal is to ensure the wealth of many more generations to come.”

The initial session in 2017 set the momentum by announcing 120 initiatives across a range of sectors guided by the two beacons of UAE Vision 2021 and UAE Centennial 2071. Yesterday, fortifying the foundation set last year, the government announced seven new strategies and a 100 initiatives, the macro and micro driving forces that will expertly pilot the country to its centennial goal in 2071. This is a fine example of how long-term results are rooted in proactive determinism.

The adherence to time-bound goals, which is now an internationally acknowledged defining strength of the UAE, is predicated on abiding by the two absolute principles of growth — an examination of the journey so far and the assessment of the distance to the next destination and the means of getting there. The UAE has consistently practised this discipline and while these are exacting, gruelling tasks, they, however, yield outstanding results when undertaken with clarity and purposefulness as the UAE’s many achievements in its 47 years of existence have shown.

The seven new strategies revealed on Tuesday reinforce this fact. Culture and quality of life, for example, are accorded the same importance as artificial intelligence, employment, advanced sciences, food security and advanced skills as drivers of national wellness, and the 100 new initiatives encompass every building block of societal growth including tourism, transport and housing development. Together, the strategies and initiatives will work towards completing the nation’s future structural frame work and the details within.

The annual government meetings also highlight an important point the UAE is making about the possibilities of the future — that progress is not a default outcome; it can only be achieved by envisioning it today. The meetings, which are an exercise in inclusivity of all government levels, reiterate the inviolate requisites for growth — planning, detailing and implementation.

The UAE has always believed that if it can dream it, it can do it. The year 2071 will dawn with this dream too having been realised.