UAE green visa
The UAE has announced ‘The Principles of the 50’, as part of the ‘Projects of the 50’ campaign Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

The UAE has grown exponentially through the decades by always nurturing the business community, recognising the potential of those willing to invest and grow their business, and creating an environment where entrepreneurialism is encouraged and rewarded.

Indeed, over the past 50 years as this nation has grown from strength to strength, business and entrepreneurial spirit have been central to its growth. That’s why the UAE has now launched its first Green Visa scheme — the first of 50 from the ‘Projects of the 50’.

The new scheme unveiled on Sunday launches a new visa category — the Green visa — that allows residents to sponsor their parents and children and extends the age for dependents up to 25 years of age from the current ceiling of 18 now.

Benefitting enterprises and industries 

It’s important to note that this green visa will not be linked to work permits from companies. Instead, it is purpose designed to target highly skilled people whose talents will benefit enterprises and industries across the UAE. It will also make it much easier for investors, entrepreneurs, top students and graduates to work here — and also provides residency rights to family dependents.

Announcing the new scheme, Dr Thani Al Zeyoudi, Minister of State for Foreign Trade also detailed a new category of ‘Freelance Visa’ to attract special talents to the country. The recent global pandemic has shown us that the ability to move is essential, and digital working is now a reality that has been embraced by the UAE with the introduction of this new category.

The benefits of the new Green visa will mean, for example, that holders will be given between 90- and 180- days’ grace period when the visa expires, allowing them to continue their vital work uninterrupted by the need to deal with visa-related issues. The current scheme allows 30 days’ grace period.

These new visa categories make living and working in the UAE far more attractive, providing a welcoming regulatory via environment where persons of unique skills, talents and abilities will be able to bring and utilise their skill sets here to the benefit of all.

There are also changes coming in visa rules for uniquely talented people that will allow them to bring elderly parents here, for example, underscoring the importance of family and harmony in the UAE society.