The UAE Cabinet meeting
The nation aims to transform almost all major sectors — economic, health and education, social services and government services Image Credit: Twitter

The new cabinet reshuffle is promising to be a turning point in the constant evolution of the administration of the UAE. With the announcement of the restructuring of the government, achieving the national goals will be on a faster pace than the usual long-term planning.

The new structure and government mechanism will be the keystone in the national drive to achieve the goals of the next 50 years. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, announcing the cabinet changes on Twitter, said this new mechanism “comes as we accomplished our previous plan, ‘UAE Vision 2021’, during which we achieved our ambitions for the past ten years.”

Leading the world

Thanks to those strategies, “The UAE today leads the world in 100 development indicators and the region in 470 governmental, economic and technical indicators. We enter the new 50 years with different global ambitions,” the Vice-President noted.

The main element in the new mechanism lies in the keyword ‘transformation’. Strategic planning is important but may no longer be sufficient to accommodate the ambitions of the UAE in the next five decades.

The nation aims to transform almost all major sectors — economic, health and education, social services and government services to get ahead of the fast-paced changing world, especially in knowledge-based economy, renewal energy and remote working environment.

Some of the ministries have been restructured to underscore these goals, such as the ministry of climate change and environment, which will be also responsible for the important portfolio of food and water security.

New transformation plans

Secondly, the cycle of changes will be faster and flexible, from six months to two years instead of the traditionally longer strategic plans of 5 to 10 years, to give more flexibility to the transformation plans in a competitive world that is moving faster than it used to just few years ago.

The flexible nature of the new planning process will ensure that projects will not be defined as per the ministerial portfolios but rather by the nature of the sector those projects will serve, which would involve work teams from different ministries working together to do the job.

A new performance-based reward system, including promotions and incentives, will be set by the cabinet to promote excellence and efficiency.

As we mark the UAE’s Golden Jubilee this year, the new government dynamics will strengthen the union and build on the previous achievements to ensure a most vibrant and healthy economy in the world.

It will also boost the country’s status as an attractive destination for investment, tourism and highly skilled professional with its globally recognised nature as an oasis of peace, coexistence and tolerance.