After three weeks of ethnic cleansing, mass murders, atrocities and all nature of civil rights’ abuses against the Rohingya people of Myanmar — a chapter that has seen nearly 400,000 of the persecuted Muslim minority flee through newly laid fields of landmines to seek refuge in neighbouring Bangladesh, Aung Sang Suu Kyi has ordained to speak to offer words of excuse to a shocked international community that stands in disbelief at her regime’s actions. This woman, who piously accepted a Nobel Peace Prize in 1991 for the civil rights abuses inflicted upon her and her political party by Myanmar’s junta and general, has become the apologist-in-chief for her own abusive, vile, violent – and elected – junta.

In her first public address since a bloody army crackdown on the Rohingya, Suu Kyi said that her government has only been in power for a short time, that not all Rohingya villages had been affected by the violence, and she refused to criticise her own military. In classic doublespeak, Suu Kyi said that her government was trying to get to the bottom of what had actually happened.

If Suu Kyi wants to know what has happened, let her lift the state-imposed censorship her own ministers have imposed to curb news reporting of the massacres. Let her talk to the officers in her own military who ordered the burning of villages, the planting of landmines, the mass shootings, the beatings and murders of unarmed women and children. Let her listen to the tales of abject misery and murder told by the desperate refugees who hid from Myanmar troops and border guards to flee to camps in Bangladesh. Or let her look at the before and after satellite images that show her troops’ bloody work. But please spare us the tripe and trite masquerading as truth.