The decision by the UAE’s Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation — to launch centres for domestic worker recruitment to replace the previous recruitment agencies — is a commendable step that will render the entire process of hiring transparent, efficient and focused on the welfare of the workers. The first 11 Tadbeer centres opened this week in various emirates to provide comprehensive services for families and businesses wishing to hire domestic help.

Offering a range of benefits that redress the discrepancies that beset the modus operandi of the earlier recruitment agencies, which repeatedly faced criticism for their negative practices, Tadbeer centres guarantee a bouquet of services that include the processing of a proper visa, orientation and training for domestic workers with pre-arrival interviews that clarify their contractual rights, dispute resolution between workers and employers, and even checking on worker accommodation, thus setting new standards in this domain.

The launch of Tadbeer centres also comes in the context of an expanded footprint of domestic help recruitment, with the UAE actively pursuing MoUs with more countries in this regard. This extended reach plays a significant role in moderating the cost of recruitment for families and businesses as Tadbeer centres will help make the hiring process of domestic help easier and cheaper. For example, domestic workers from the Philippines can be hired from the centre for Dh12,000 instead of Dh20,000 in the market.

By mandating external agencies to conform to the ministry’s rules if they wish to operate in this market, the UAE has rendered the matter watertight in terms of the prevention violations and dubious practices. This will offer the highest degree of comfort to both employers and the domestic workforce.