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Smartphones are important, but that’s no reason to trash the environment

Dubai Municipality’s decision to ban single-use disposable phone chargers should be applauded
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We’ve all suffered the frustrating — and maybe even embarrassing — reality of a dead phone.

Smartphones are a part of our everyday lives and connect us to everything — from our loved ones to our bank accounts. So when they run out of power, it’s a major problem. But even the indispensability of our smartphones is no reason to buy a disposable mobile phone chargers. We know you really, really want to get back to that engaging Twitter argument, but please find another way to recharge. These devices are wasteful and there are plenty of alternative ways of breathing life back into your phone’s battery.

That’s why the decision by the Dubai Municipality to ban the sale and circulation of one-time use disposable mobile phone chargers should be applauded as a positive step for the environment. The municipality announced yesterday that these chargers become an environmental burden and should be considered dangerous.

The loss of these devices should affect no one. Just a little preparation and knowledge helps conserve energy and stops an additional piece of junk from ending up in the landfill.

First, you don’t need to have your smartphone burning energy at full capacity all day. Even the most basic smartphone comes with a low-power setting, and even a simple reduction in the brightness of a phone’s screen will ensure that most users get through the day. Even the hardcore power users among us can buy, usually for under Dh100, a reusable phone charger, which easily fits in your pocket.

So, please don’t let a dead battery keep you from that Twitter argument — but please also don’t waste energy or create extra garbage to do so.

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