Friends Image Credit: Pexels

What you need to know:

  • making good friends in life can be a difficult task.
  • Value those in your circle. 

With Friendship Day celebrated across the globe recently, it made me think of the friendships we lived with, the ones we celebrate and the ones that help us grow.

As children, all we knew and breathed in our daily lives, was that our friends mean the world, and we would do anything with them and for them. We spent time with them by playing outdoor games like football, basketball, seven tiles... and the list is endless.

Then came our school friends the ones with whom we had a love-hate relationship that lasted seconds. As time progressed we went to college and we made friends there, too. The interactions were different. Hang-outs used to be movies, bunking class, college events, parties and more. In all these three phases of friendship, all we knew and felt was that we cared for our friends, and we didn’t need a day to celebrate this relationship. Every day was treated like a celebration.

Today most of our friends are across the globe, it’s the essence of this friendship that we nurtured and cared for. In a time when social media was unheard of, it was these friends, who at times, took the form of school mates, cousins and pen pals, and added the much needed colour and glamour in our lives.

Let us rekindle that fever, that spirit we had, the feel and willingness to do things for each other with no tags attached. Let us build that bond with our children and teach them to make the right kind of friends.

- The reader is a Dubai-based finance executive.