Image Credit: AP / AFP

Your decision to move the American embassy to occupied Jerusalem will certainly not change facts on the ground.

Arabs and Muslims, particularly the Palestinians, will continue to cry: “Jerusalem is an Arab city and will remain so for all the world’s Muslims and Christians.”

You have chosen, Mr President, a very rough time in our history to carry out your decision.

It is because you know the Arabs are overwhelmingly busy with their own internal fighting and immersed in disputes and wars, some of which were actually ignited by your country.

Let Jerusalem belong to all humanity

This shameful historic act happens as the Palestinians are being left alone; defenceless, powerless and without the least support from their Arab brethren or the so-called ‘international community’.

Trump dared, so what are we going to do?

Mr President, you decided to stab the Palestinians in the heart. You killed any glimmer of hope for peace in the Middle East between the Palestinians and Israelis. Many have said the peace process is both dead and pointless.

But the Palestinians and the Arab nation behind them, clung to the hope that one day there may be a light at the end of the long and dark 70-year old tunnel. 

I hope that you realise that your decision will help neither the Palestinians nor the Israelis.

And remember that the Palestinians will not give up on Jerusalem. By making this decision, you only made it almost impossible to achieve peace.

US moves embassy to Jerusalem; Gaza erupts in protest